Eps 167: Stacy Davison is on talking about the power of personal pep talk

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Today’s guest is Stacy Davison. Stacy is an instructional coach, entrepreneur, new mom to a rainbow baby boy. Last year Stacy and her husband started the company Personal Peptalk, a line of motivational and uplifting products which they design, illustrate, and self-publish. In her weekly motivational email on her podcast Stacy candidly shares how she dominates life challenges more mindfully. We will be discussing positivity in parenting and life. Join us!

"It’s easy to meditate up on the mountain top but eventually you have to come down and buy groceries.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Finding zen where we are - preparing for the Super Bowl moments

  • The challenges of motherhood and the importance of being real about that

  • Shifting perspective on suffering

  • Choosing love, joy and compassion in moments of difficulty

  • How hanging onto suffering hurts us

  • Letting go of people pleasing to ask for what you need

  • Positivity in times of sorrow

  • Supporting friends in times of loss

  • Love bombs - what they are, how they help

  • Shifting to empowerment and choosing what you want to cultivate

  • Being a joy detective

  • Choosing not to be defined by the things that have happened

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Right, so I’m just getting started on human-ing, I’m 9 months into the journey, but man, it’s been a difficult road already. I’ve had so many opportunities to feel like a failure, to feel guilty and unsure and my goodness, so courage, I think about the willingness to continue to move forward and to continue to take responsibility for my own experiences and my joy so rather than making my son responsible for how I feel, that willingness to continue to look at my own stuff, and look at, “Okay, I’m reacting to my son right now but I think, actually, this has to do with something about me and am I willing to take a look at that for both of our sakes?”

And I don’t think that’s easy. I don’t think the road that I’ve chosen, to be willing to look at the hard stuff, that’s not easy but it’s the path that I’m choosing to go down. I think, as a result, your phrase, your brand, Joyful Courage totally speaks to me. I’m on a mission to find joy and I talk about joy a lot but I think that it takes courage to be willing to look at if I’m not experiencing joy, it probably has a lot more to do with me than it does anyone else around me and I don’t think having a son is going to make that any easier, right, this is another character in my story to get to bring things up for me to get to see that I couldn’t see because I’d never been in the context of a parent. I’m so grateful for him already, for being my teacher and I am brave enough to be willing to continue to travel this road and I’m grateful for friends like you to help me and remind me when I get stuck and need some support because it’s not easy but we have each other, right, and that’s what I’m trying to create with Personal Pep Talk. I don’t have all the answers but I can help love you through it if you’re going through it too.


Pep Talk Decks

Where to find:

Personal Pep Talk website - sign up for her Monday Morning Motivation
Personal Pep Talk podcast | Personal Pep Talk Instagram | Personal Pep Talk Tattoos | Personal Pep Talk Facebook


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Eps 132: A conversation with Liz Haske about letting go of worry

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Today’s guest is Liz Haske, a mother, an international teacher and instructional coach and children’s book author. She has over 15 years elementary classroom experience in six different countries and is super passionate about empowering children to be their most courageous selves.  Her first book, When Worry Takes Hold, was released in November 2017 and aims to help young children cope with worry by using mindful breathing. Join us!

“It’s about a young girl who’s afraid to do different things and she realizes that she has the power inside her and if she puts her hands on her belly, she can be brave.”

 “Stories help us be better people if we are reading the right books”

 “We want to empower these little people to realize they can do it. They can develop the tools and they can be confident and they can face what is presented to them in healthy and positive ways.”

“Worry gets bigger and bigger the more that we do it.”

“We can be brave, and everyone has worries … whether it’s helping our kids be brave or us being brave to face whatever parenting challenge it may be.”

“Courage is just a deep breath away.” 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

·      The basis & inspiration for When Worry Takes Hold


·      Worry as a visitor and the power to ask it to leave

·      Acknowledging & expecting worry

·      Externalizing worry and setting limits

·      Following the why – getting to the root of big feelings

·      Manifestations and signs of worry

·      Addressing underlying worry vs. addressing the behaviors

·      Taking a wide view to problem solving worry

·      How not to take worry related behaviors personally

·      Why trying to talk kids out of their worries doesn’t work

·      Managing worry as a practice

·      Tools for managing worry and how they can be applied to other situations

·      Mindful breathing vs. “Let’s take some deep breaths”

·      The power of mindful breathing

·      How to know when to get professional help (duration, intensity, impact, age appropriateness)

·      Journaling worries to find patterns and icebergs

·      Liz’s upcoming projects on the horizon

·      The importance of exercising self-compassion

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

I’m going to answer it in two parts. I’d say the first way, which is for me personally, is finally having the courage to do something I’ve been dreaming about for over ten years and the absolute joy of going through the learning process of taking an idea and turning it into something that kids can hold in their hands and hopefully read and become better because of it. So that is absolutely Joyful Courage.

But I think it’s also in the context of kids the feeling that they get when they face their fear and they realize how empowered they are. It might not be breathing is their strategy, but perhaps When Worry Takes Hold might be a book that just starts a conversation with them and an adult in their life that, “Yeah, you know what, I do get a bit worried. Let’s try this breathing thing.” And, “You know what? This breathing thing isn’t working for me.” But then, there’s now this opening for more tools to be introduced because it’s something that’s been brought to the surface.  

The book ends with, “Courage is just a deep breath away.” I think that when children can realize this, they’re empowered. There’s really a pure sense of pride and joy in being brave and finding courage and so that’s kind of what it means to me.  


When Worry Takes Hold

Where to find Liz:



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Eps 85: Free Range Parenting with Kim Estes

Today’s guest is Kim Estes, a speaker and coach who talks to parents of kids from pre-school to adolescents about safety concerns. We are discussing free-range parenting. Join us!

“Our kids are wanting to explore their world and it’s our job to teach them to do it safely.”  

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Misconceptions about free-range parenting

  • Boundaries in free-range parenting: subject to change based on individual children and age-level

  • Assessing age and individual capacity specific boundaries – the value of checking in for safety

  • Free-range parenting as giving kids space to practice intuition

  • Fear of judgment and free-range parenting

  • Risk assessment and safety – likelihood of concerns relating to traffic safety and abduction

  • Assessing risk tolerance as parents

  • Stranger safety vs Stranger danger

  • Free-range parenting as freedom within structure

  • Finding the happy medium: learning new skills with appropriate boundaries

  • Being consistent about expectations and boundaries

  • Mistakes as learning experiences – handling situations where things don’t go as planned

  • Being available and non-judgmental when negotiating boundaries – dropping into curiosity to keep communication lines open

  • No questions asked, do-overs on both sides and owning failure

  • Exercising self-compassion and forgiveness when you don’t realize you’re being called to “the big show”

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful courage means to me to be able to parent courageously even if it’s uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, having something that feels good for everybody even if it’s the smallest success.

Where to find Kim:

Website l Facebook l Twitter



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