Eps 50: Kate Orsen, Hand In Hand Parenting Expert Talks about Listening for Cooperation

Kate Orson is on the podcast today, and I absolutely love where our conversation went!!

Kate's bio from her website:

KAte is a Hand in Hand parenting instructor, and author of Tears Heal: How To Listen To Children. Originally from the UK she now live in Basel, Switzerland, with her husband, author Toni Davidson, and our four year old daughter Ruby.

Kate has written articles for a number of different parenting magazines including The Green Parent, Juno and Smallish.

Kate offer parenting workshops, consultations, both online via skype or in person.

I reached out to Kate to talk about getting children's cooperation around chores.  In talking to her, and learning more about the Hand In Hand parenting approach, our conversation lead us down the road to understanding how intentional listening and presence with children can invite the very cooperation we are looking for.

Kate wrote an article titled 25 Tips for Having Fun While Cleaning Up

Here is the Montessori list of age appropriate chores ((super helpful!))

Things to remember when we are hoping for cooperation:

  • set limits

  • lightness

  • play

  • show faith and trust your child's ability

  • listen

  • practice special time

More about "stay listening"


Where to find Kate:

website i facebook i twitter


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