BONUS EPISODE: Casey answers questions from listeners

I am so excited to offer a monthly podcast episode that is dedicated to answering questions from the community.  Today, I speak about situations that were shared by April and Sarah.  

From April:
My 7 year old is the youngest of three girls. She gets plenty of attention but seems to constantly be begging for more. What is a healthy amount of attention and how I do I limit it? She constantly interrupts her dad and I whenever we are talking to her other sisters. It's as if she can't handle them getting any attention. I don't know how to phrase a question. She is the youngest child who has gotten spoiled with attention because she was the only one home with me while the other girls were at school. Now she expects all the attention all the time and it isn't fun for anyone.

From Sarah:
Ok, here is a hot topic at our house! How can I help my kids get along (or many how can I help my son deal with jealousy)? I have an almost 8 yo son who is much more introverted and independent and a 5 yo daughter who is a bubbly, outgoing people person. She gets lots more attention from people in general just because she is outgoing and comfortable talking to people. But my son is also in school all day and she is not yet so we are having some struggles with jealousy (being purposefully mean to his sis) and defiance. It will still be one more year before she is in school all day like he is. I give him 1-1 time but there just aren't enough hours in the day to give him the same amount of time.

I have a feeling that their stories, their challenges will resonate with the whole community.  Please listen in and let me know what you think!!

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