BONUS EPISODE: Raffi Talks About Music and the Center for Child Honouring

Raffi Cavoukian is well known for the music he makes for young children...  Many parents today were brought up with that music and are now sharing it with their kids.  I spent many a day in the car singing Baaaaaaby Baluuuuuga to my littles and am so completely THRILLED to have the chance to talk to him on this podcast!!

It was so much fun getting  to know Raffi!  He candidly shares his story of singing folk music to adults, to sharing songs with children - learn more about him by clicking here. He talks about the deep respect he has for young people, and the fun he has when he gets to entertain them.

Raffi is a social activist, and shares about the Center For Child Honouring he founded near his home on Salt Springs Island, British Columbia.  The mission of the centers invites people to "be a part of the global movement that views honouring children as the best way to create sustainable, peacemaking societies."

And of course, we talk about some of my favorite songs!

I am so grateful he took the time to talk to me.

Resources mentioned on the show:

Center for Child Honouring
PDF of the Child Honouring Covenant and Principles
FREE download of Take A Breath - a song about self regulation

You can find and follow Raffi on his website l facebook l twitter


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