Eps 179: SOLO show about trusting relationship and encouragement

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Casey is on solo with you today digging into what it means to trust the process in the context of parenting, Positive Discipline, and leaning on our relationship as the most powerful way to influence our kids behavior.

What does this mean?

-       Hitting stage
-       Homework stage

The relationships/ life skill development journey 

When we are stuck in a place with our kids it is easy to believe that it will “always be like this”


-       Change happens over time

-       If we want something to be different we have to BE different

  • The dance we do with our kids has explicit steps, well choreographed over time

  • All it take is one person to change the dance (YOU)

What it means to be in an honest open relationship with your children

-       What can feel like the dark side

-       Curiosity and stalling when you don’t know what to do

-       Notice your fear and let it guide you to pausing

-       Gather your resources

-       Listen to your gut


How to voice concerns without blaming or condemning (thermometer activity)

-       Encouraging vs discouraging out kids

  • When they are discouraged by OUR behavior they shift OUT OF taking responsibility or even thinking about their own behavior


 Authentic Parenting Conference

Anna Seewald, host of the Authentic Parenting Podcast, and parent coach, has put together a steller day of learning and growing together in New Brunswick, NJ. I am so excited about it that I decided that I WANTED TO GO TOO!!

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Come play with me!!


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Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging on this journey!!!  I appreciate you and we are ALMOST THERE!!!!


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Eps 76: Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, Teaches us how to Listen

Patty Wipfler is the Hand in Hand Parenting Founder and Program Director. Her 40 years of work with parents and children has given rise to Parenting by Connection, a simple but powerful parenting approach that nurtures the parent-child connection. Her Hand in Hand team trains parent leaders in the US and 10 other countries, and offers accessible support for the vital work of parenting. With co-author Tosha Schore, she has written the book, Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges. And Her Listening to Children booklets have sold over 800,000 copies in English, Spanish, and 10 other languages. She is the mother of two sons, and grandmother to three.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

•    Active listening and how it helps people notice how they feel about their own experiences

•     How being listened to and being able to sort through feelings can help activate problem solving.

•    The impact of our own childhood experiences on how we perceive challenges in our children’s lives

•    Parenting by connection and its relationship with positive discipline.

•    Influencing and using presence, setting limits to encourage better behavior.

•    How to hold space for your child who is emotionally elevated and let them deal with big feelings

•    Letting your child feel the feelings and its impact on the healing process

•    The size of the trigger relative to the depth of hurt – helping your child navigate big feelings

•    Emotional upset as efficiently releasing tension

•    Listening partnerships and how they can alleviate parenting stress and facilitate better parenting

•    Emotional projects: ongoing parenting challenges and how to address them

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful Courage is a human being’s birthright to be joyfully courageous. Joyful courage means to me what a one year old will sometimes do to pull themselves up so they can stand up next to a table or as a toddler is trying to walk across the room it’s like they don’t care what happens, they are just going to try it and they are proud of themselves as they do it. I think it’s the attitude towards life that we are born with, that we get to keep if we aren’t hurt too badly. Sometimes you have to work on hurt to get your birthright back.


Listen: 5 simple tools for meeting your every day parenting challenges 

Where to find Patty:

Hand in Hand Parenting  i Instagram l Facebook l Twitter l Youtube


Join the Joyful CourageTribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage.  Raising our children while growing ourselves...


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