Eps 35: Jen O'Ryan and How to Support LGBTQ Youth

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Dr. Jen O’Ryan provides guidance for parents to help them navigate their child’s coming out process, as well as questions about sexuality and gender. She completed her doctorate in Human Behavior with a focus on environmental factors during childhood and adolescence for sexual minorities.

Dr. Jen also works closely with other caring adults on developing more inclusive, safe spaces for LGBTQ individuals in the workplace and community. Through years of research and advocacy, Jen brings an extensive background on factors contributing to healthy development during childhood and adolescence for LGBTQ youth.

Jen and I talk about the experience kids are having as they come to understand gender and sexual orientation.  We discuss the biggest challenges for the kids and their parents, and how we can all be a part in supporting all kids, in celebration of differences, being advocates and allies - and tips for raising kids to feel the same...

Resources mentioned:

Jen's website My Kid Came Out
Jen's local workshop So your kids came out, now what?  
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Recent posts on sexuality and supporting LGBTQ youth
PFLAG - Parents, Families and Allies of LGBTQ

Where to find Jen:

Her website - www.mykidcameout.com
Twitter - @pagingdrjen
Facebook - Paging Dr. Jen


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