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You all know how much I LOVE supporting you with your intention of being a present, connected parent, right? These products were all made with YOU in mind...  Check them out.


Joyful Courage Intention Cards

A deck or 31 colorful cards to encourage you to pick a new intention each and every day of the month! Intention cards are sturdy and come in a cure little sack for keeping them safe.  Use them any way that works for you!!

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Joyful Courage Intention Bracelets

A sweet and powerful way to stay connected to your intention! These bracelets were designed by a beautiful maker in New Mexico, for you and our community.  Each one is hand stamped with a word that will forward you in your relationships and life! 

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Joyful Courage Intention Shirts

Sure to be your new FAVORITE tee or tank, these soft and flowing shirts let you declare what the world needs more of - kindness and love!!

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