The Parenting Teens With Positive Discipline Audio Summit is a deep dive into the messiness of parenting through the teen years and beyond. Each of the featured guests speaks candidly from both their wisdom as parent educators, as well as their real life experience of raising their own teens.

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I know how it is to be in the throes of parenting teens.

The emotional roller coaster - the moments of lightness and love that can so quickly turn into stomping feet and slamming doors. What is that all about? I am often left wondering, what exactly did I DO to elicit that response??

Not to mention the time alone we spend worrying about their future - Will they experiment with drugs? ARE they experimenting with drugs? What about vapes? Does she have an eating disorder? Is he getting the message about how to treat their crushes and consent? What are they missing with all this screen time? How can I get them to contribute? DON'T GET PREGNANT!!

Not to mention, how can I get them to listen? What's with the moods? Is this a mental health thing? What IS teen brain development? Why don't they like me anymore....?

I mean, it is crazy making - I GET IT.

And when I look out into the world for help, I can't find what I need. I am devoted to Positive Discipline. I believe in the power of relationship and learning from mistakes, that kids do better when they feel better, in co-creating agreements and guidelines. And yet....  GAH!!!  Teenagers are a whole different situation!!

I am with you.

This is why I reached out to my community of Positive Discipline Educators, Trainers and Lead Trainers to join me in conversation about the MESSINESS of parenting teens while staying as true as we can to Positive Discipline.

The result of these conversations is this audio summit.
I am so excited!!

For real. I am so excited, so honored and so PROUD of the interviews I will be sharing with all the parents who register. And I really don't want YOU to miss out.

But wait, I'm busy!!

Yup, I totally get that, that is why the whole summit has been packaged as a bundle and available for you to purchase for FOREVER ACCESS. You will have all the interviews to return to over and over again, forever and always. 

But I'm not a parent of a teen...

As anyone with a teen can say, you don't really know what it will be like until you KNOW - kinda like before that first baby came and you thought you knew what it would be like to have a baby?? Yeah, same is true (at least in my experience) with having a teen.

That being said, all are welcome to purchase the teen summit, just know that they context of each and every interview is raising teenagers.

Meet the guests:

Every one of the Parenting Teens With Positive Discipline guests is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer or Lead Trainer. Each and every guest is either currently raising a teenager OR has raised a teen. Each guest is real and raw - honest about their own experience of the slippery journey of parenting teens. You will feel seen and heard.

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Every parent, child and home environment is unique and dynamic, even as much of the experience of raising teenagers is collective. This summit seeks to highlight the places we can focus on to give our teens maximum opportunity to feel loved, supported and connected to the adults in their lives, and know that they matter deeply.

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The interviews you will hear:

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What are people saying?

“I have learned SO MUCH listening to these! Thank you all for the work and wisdom that went in to putting this together!”
- Allison M.

“Today’s Interview with Cathy about schools ! Let me just say wow , yes ! A great reminder , am I the only one who felt a huge relief & weight off my chest?” - Hanna H.

“I must say, I really appreciated the last interview with Dodie. For some reason I just love that she was willing to share about her high-achieving kid who is playing poker for a living :-) Makes me feel not alone in my feelings about the decisions my kids sometimes make. I love this community!” - Sarah M.

“Casey, I have been loving every interview and I especially love the humor you bring to each one. I LoL'd when you said something about kids being able to put the vape pen down long enough to look at the porn 😂 - Kelly R.

“Fear!! I have been letting fear dictate my parenting!! This summit has been a huge help in developing insights into my parenting. I have shared several of the interviews with my husband as well.... they are all conversation starters and much needed. Thank you Casey!” - Tams W.

“Some of my ahas are the conversations and creating agreements over screens/tech and Noha's discussion about anxiety and depression. We have some anxiety bubbling up at our house.” - Karen K.

“The interview with Kristen Pfeiffer was eye-opening in itself in helping me to reframe my daughter's experiences and to try not to interpret her experience personally. And, also how I can reframe my perception of "teaching" my daughter through the teen-aged years as an opportunity to see where she can help me learn where I need to change and grow.” - Juliet M.

“I absolutely LOVED the interview with Jody Malterre! So much practical wisdom. Now for family Meeting time. This is the perfect week for this, we are all stuck inside at home. Thank you for empowering and equipping us without guilt and shame!” - Sarah M.

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Every year of adolescence is it’s own ride. Our kids are growing and changing in sometimes surprising ways. Owning a resource like this, something you can revisit again and again is priceless.

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