Testimonials From Teachers

"I feel our entire staff would benefit greatly from this workshop.  The activities for students would build like long skills needed for a successful citizen."

"Loved Casey's positive and encouraging attitude."

"These five weeks have made an improved

differences in our classroom community."

"The information was GREAT!  I am leaving this class feeling inspired."

"Casey was an outstanding facilitator.  After a long, and sometimes rough school day, she brought positive light that allowed all of us to release and renew."

"I began compliment circle right away.  Although the compliments started out at the surfce level, the students quickly began noticing changes in the type of student, friend or perso their peers were becoming.  This has been so powerful, it has taken away many negative behaviors all by itself."

"Lets have this training at all our schools!"

"This class was practical and thorough.  I can see its implementation transforming my classroom .  My students are becoming citizens of character."

"Thank you Casey for a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the rols Positive Discipline in all of our classrooms."

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