Welcome to Day 3!

Today we begin with a conversation with Jane Weed Pomerantz that is enlightening and raw. This is where we all get uncomfortable and fear creeps in… . When we start teasing apart the risky behavior that can show up during this time, it can be hard to imagine how POWERFUL curiosity becomes as a way of supporting our teens in really thinking through the choices they are making, or plan on making.

The second interview is so useful for SHIFTING our mindset about what it really means to be in contribution, and why it matters. My guest, Jody Maltere, is raising daughters that are THIRD GENERATION PD!! I really appreciate the new insights I got from Jody as she painted the picture of how PD looks when it is weaved into all of the ways a family can be “run.”

And finally, I highlight wisdom from my dear friend Amy in my third interview today. Amy keeps it real and raw in the conversation about sex and relationships - I know, I know, it isn’t anyone’s favorite topic (except maybe Amy) AND it is a super IMPORTANT one that we need to be teasing apart. Now more than ever, the relationship we are nurturing with our teen comes into play. Amy talks about SHORT and FREQUENT talks with our teens about this, and gives some tips on how to make it happen.

If you are interested in further discussion about what you are hearing, join us in the Joyful Courage Parenting Teens FB group.

+ Day 1 Summary

What we covered on Day 1:

  • The theory behind Positive Discipline
  • Teen brain development
  • Teen emotional development

+ Day 2 Summary

What we covered on Day 2:

  • The work of being kind and firm
  • Navigating curfews
  • Screens and teens