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The Summit will be live September 9th - 13th


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The Parenting Teens With Positive Discipline Audio Summit is coming BACK for an Encore! I am thrilled to be a featured guest, supporting parents of teens with navigating this special time. Each of the summit guests are Certified Positive Discipline Educators, Trainers or Lead Trainers, certified through the Positive Discipline Association. This summit is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the theory behind Positive Discipline, and practical application tools for practicing PD with your teenagers.

Every parent, child and home environment is unique and dynamic, even as much of the experience of raising teenagers is collective. This summit seeks to highlight the places we can focus on to give our teens maximum opportunity to feel loved, supported and connected to the adults in their lives, and know that they matter deeply.

This is super special FREE offer for parents. Each day, for five days, you will receive an email with an audio to listen to highlighting the challenges of the parenting teens journey. But you have to be registered. The summit runs September 9th - 13th.


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