Parenting teenagers.

Do you feel you need adult-size water wings to ride the wave of teenage parenting?

Here is the offer I have created for you.... a curated navigation system to help you be the most prepared, grounded and even thriving parent during this very special season/time in your child’s life

I love my teenagers, AND I am finding this season of parenting challenging in whole new ways… . And just about ALL of the parents I speak to, are too.

As I stumbled through the first few years with my teen, I found that the resources I needed weren’t available to me.

So I reached out to my community. I connected with some of my favorite Positive Discipline mentors and trainers who also had experience with parenting through the teen years.

And they were generous enough to deep dive in conversation with me.

And deep we went.

I have gathered all the wisdom that showed up in the interviews and packaged it for my valued clients (that’s you!); to support you and to get us started in this journey of learning and growth together.

The Parenting Teens with Positive Discipline Audio Summit first went live in January of 2019. I gave participants each interview in its entirety, for a week of learning. It was a LOT of content for busy overwhelmed parents, so I built a curated navigation system, to help guide and support and I am sharing with you.

I have organized some of the many powerful messages from the interviews and complied them around the themes that are important to get us started.

Those themes include:

  • Hot topics like screens, sex, body image, risky behavior

  • Deepening our understanding of this time of life, for both your teen and you, as a parent

  • Strategies for maintaining and nurturing your relationship

  • Settling in when it gets messy

  • Doing our work to get out of their way

The Encore Offer is my gift - free to you.  I think this wisdom is so important, I wanted to share with as many parents as possible.  And I encourage you to share with others! 

We will have more opportunities to discuss working together, but for the time being, I recommend just start by  registering and join this learning experience.

You ready? Register below:

What have people said about the summit?

“I have learned SO MUCH listening to these! Thank you all for the work and wisdom that went in to putting this together!”
- Allison M.

“Today’s Interview with Cathy about schools ! Let me just say wow , yes ! A great reminder, am I the only one who felt a huge relief & weight off my chest?” - Hanna H.

“I must say, I really appreciated the last interview with Dodie. For some reason I just love that she was willing to share about her high-achieving kid who is playing poker for a living :-) Makes me feel not alone in my feelings about the decisions my kids sometimes make. I love this community!” - Sarah M.

“Casey, I have been loving every interview and I especially love the humor you bring to each one. I LoL'd when you said something about kids being able to put the vape pen down long enough to look at the porn 😂 - Kelly R.

“Fear!! I have been letting fear dictate my parenting!! This summit has been a huge help in developing insights into my parenting. I have shared several of the interviews with my husband as well.... they are all conversation starters and much needed. Thank you Casey!” - Tams W.

“Some of my ahas are the conversations and creating agreements over screens/tech and Noha's discussion about anxiety and depression. We have some anxiety bubbling up at our house.” - Karen K.

“The interview with Kelly Pfeiffer was eye-opening in itself in helping me to reframe my daughter's experiences and to try not to interpret her experience personally. And, also how I can reframe my perception of "teaching" my daughter through the teen-aged years as an opportunity to see where she can help me learn where I need to change and grow.” - Juliet M.

“I absolutely LOVED the interview with Jody Malterre! So much practical wisdom. Now for family Meeting time. This is the perfect week for this, we are all stuck inside at home. Thank you for empowering and equipping us without guilt and shame!” - Sarah M.

And don’t forget, I am in the trenches too!!

kid fest.png

If you are a podcast listener, or have been following Joyful Courage, you know that I am on the path right beside you. I have navigated all of the typical challenges that show up during the teen years - and not perfectly!!

If you are looking for real, authentic, USEFUL conversations about parenting teenagers, this offer is for you - sign up now!

YES! I want in!