There are so many ways we can work together!

It is so important to me that every parent can access my work.  This is why I have a variety of ways that we can work together.  One on one coaching, ecourses, and a membership program are a few ways that you can take the Joyful Courage teachings to the next level and get support for integrating the lessons into your life.

Family Meeting Ecourse

6 weeks of support to get your family into the routine of Family Meetings. This is one of the most powerful tools for building a foundation of cooperation and contribution in your family.

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Intentional Parent Project

This 10 week program is designed to help parents couple the internal experience of navigating the emotional roller coaster of parenting, with the external Positive Discipline tools that are helpful and effective  in the long term.

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Coming in 2017!
Monthly webinars and weekly Q and As, interest groups based on age and topic areas.
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I am a coach.  

I work one on one with clients to help them recognize where their mindset is getting in the way of helping their children be successful.  

All it takes are small shifts and tweaks to invite more cooperation and contribution in the home.

Working with a coach can offer outside perspective.

Our children are our teachers...  Deep listening and powerful questions in the coaching relationship will allow you to experience the joy that follows the clarity of exploring the lessons that are showing up.

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