Photo courtesy of Roslyn Senterre Photography

Photo courtesy of Roslyn Senterre Photography

Raising our children, while growing ourselves

Welcome to Joyful Courage,
a place of support and encouragement for the parenting journey.
If you are looking for tools, stories, or validation, you have come to the right place….  

Joyful Courage is about offering YOU the opportunity to do the work of raising cooperative, capable, young people, 
in a way that fosters healthy relationships and builds skills. 

So glad you're here!


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Would you like to move through the world with Joyful Courage?

Joyful Courage is that empowering intention we make to move from awareness to choice to action. 

Joyful Courage allows us to live our life from a place of centered peace and purpose.

Joyful Courage is committing to the process of becoming a fuller human being every day.

Are you into that?

I am Casey O’Roarty, the creator of Joyful Courage and your guide as you maneuver around this virtual space.

I am a mother, wife, sister, and daughter.  I am also a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Life Coach.  My journey towards Joyful Courage began with the birth of my children and from the awareness each day that I choose how to show up.

I have a deep respect for all parents and the journey that we share…  I would be honored to work with you.   Please get in touch and join the tribe!

Feel free to peruse my BLOG to follow my own journey about using Positive Discipline with my family.  I have also begun a VIDEO BLOG, short videos highlighting all of the PD ToolCards…  Live events and workshops for parents and teachers can be found on the event page.  And the Centered Parenting Ecourse is an offer that you can take advantage of at your own pace.  And a new and SUPER EXCITING Joyful Courage offerings is one-on-one and couples Coaching.  Check it out and be in touch with any questions you have about how we can work together.

Please, take your time playing around in this space.  I am honored you are here!!

My offers revolve around creating space for parents to create relationships with their children that provide opportunities to teach, model and practice social and emotional skills.  These offers dig deep into the work of growing and stretching and leaning into the teachings life offers up each day.

The stress, the overwhelm, the challenges we face as parents 
are a call to action for us –
can we rise to the occasion 
and be the person we want to be
in those moments?

Joyful Courage was created to help you dig deep and embrace a practice of self awareness and growth while you live on the path of parenthood.

Casey O'Roarty, M.Ed
Positive Discipline Trainer

I am a wife, mother, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and life coach.  I have a BA in Sociology from the University of Arizona, and earned a  M.Ed from the University of Washington.  I teach teachers and parents all about how to build stronger, more authentic relationships with the children in their lives…  I encourage grown ups to begin the process of embracing the challenges that come up, and see them as opportunities to model, teach and practice the skills we want our children to learn to embody.


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