This month we dig into development. When we deepen our understanding of where our kids are developmentally we are better able to create an environment, and show up in relationship, that is connected and helpful

Eric Erickson's Psychosocial Stages of Development

We are going to use the work of Eric Erickson as a guide in making sense of our children this month. His work breaks down what is happening at each stage of development, and what I find so interesting, is that it is the experience of the child and the meaning they make about it, in relation to their caregivers, that determines how they will develop.

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Children 0-18 months are developing their lens around trust – is the world a safe place? Do I have people I can count on? Trust is developed through the experience of getting basic needs met, including comfort and connection.  

Children ages 2-3 are developing their lens around autonomy – can I do things by myself or do I need to always rely on others? Autonomy is developed through the experience of gain physical skills and independence with daily tasks and actions.

Preschool aged children, 3 – 5 years old, are developing their lens around initiative – creating beliefs about whether they are good or bad. Through exploration and play, children begin to assert control and power in their environment, giving them a sense of purpose.

School aged children, between the ages of 6 to 11, are developing a sense of industry, meaning, how good at something can I be?  Learning to cope with new social and mental demands results in feelings of competence.

And finally, adolescence/teens are developing their lens around their own personal identity. They are exploring who they are and where they are going through social relationships.  Teens who develop a strong sense of self are skilled in staying true to what is important to them.

Ahhhh, development!!  Here is to one more month of learning and supporting each other on our journey!!

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