Centered Parenting Ecourse

Do you feel as though your day is dictated
by the moods and temperament of your children?

Are meltdowns, back talk, and blatant disregard for everything you request
spinning you into a parent you don't  want to be?

Have some of your responses to the challenges of parenting
left you feeling out of control, guilty or ashamed?

If you answered any  of the questions above with an, "oh yeah"
then this ABSOLUTELY is the right place for you…  

Welcome friend.
What does CENTERED PARENTING even mean, anyway?

To me, Centered Parenting is a deep dive into our spirit…  Centered Parenting acknowledges that our children truly have come to us as teachers, and the gift of parenting centers around moving us to a more evolved state of human existence...

Yeah, its kind of a big deal.

I am blessed and honored to teach the Positive Discipline program to parents in my area.  I teach it, I use it, I love it.  What I hear so often from the parents I work with is, that while the tools seem good, they're finding that their own emotional state is getting in the way of really experiencing the power of building relationship with their children.

The idea behind Centered Parenting is to create space for parents to get to know the parts of themselves that their children are here to grow.  Once we can locate these areas, we can begin to grow and evolve in a way that invites and builds strong relationships with our kids, and encourages them to grow..

What's in it for you?

Over the five week ecourse, you will receive:

-  Five different instructional videos that cover over 20 different tried and true Positive Discipline parenting tools for fostering encouraging relationships and providing space for your kids to learn to be cooperative, contributing members of the family and community.

-  5 different meditations designed to help you to recognize and practice what it means to be a centered parent.

-  5 e-workbooks to guide you through the work of peeling back the layers to get to the real reasons you are feeling stuck as a parent.

-  And for those of you who want an even deeper experience, 2 one-on-one private sessions with me to focus on your specific areas of challenge.*

*This is part of the ecourse PLUS coaching offer

Are you feeling called to this?

The Centered Parenting Ecourse is a combination of weekly audio and visual offerings… 

You will be invited to explore some of your hidden places, create new patterns of being and show up as your brightest, truest self for the world.  

The course will be delivered via email, three times a week for a total of five weeks.  

Your learning will depend on how deep you want to go…  You will be invited to stretch your thinking, create practical and usable practices that will help you be the parent you want to be.

The Centered Parenting Ecourse will also dig into some of the many tried and true Positive Discipline tools that invite relationship, responsibility and contribution from your children.

Wondering about the logistics?

For five weeks, you will receive encouragement, support and tools for finding your own center, building stronger relationships, and creating a more peaceful and loving home.  Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will have this goodness show up in your inbox, right when you need it :).

Week One - Focusing on shifting our lens around parenting and behavior (our own and our kids).  Self regulation and a bit of brain development will be covered.

Week Two - Working on creating invitations to cooperation  Digging in to how we are showing up and delivering invitations currently, and tweaks we can make with language and body to increase the likelihood that our kids will meet us there.  Tools for making agreements and routine charts will be shared

Week Three - Finding your center  Regardless of the tools we use, we will be triggered emotionally by our kids.  How we remain flexible and curious makes a big difference in our kids behavior.  Again, we will focus on language that empowers instead of enables our kids.

Week Four - Maintaining Your Practice  How do we continue to hold a space of encouragement and non-judgment, as our kids grow and the challenges evolve?  ITs all about the internal commitment we make regarding how we show up.  Parenting tools will revolve around encouragement and creating family meetings.

Week Five - Trusting the Process  There will be good days and hard days…  This week is all about trusting that what you bring to parenting is enough.  We will focus on tools that build relationship, and remember that being curious about the beliefs kids have about themselves, rather than the behavior that shows up as a result of those beliefs, will be more effective in helping them in the long term.

We will have two different live online gatherings throughout the course.  These will be an opportunity for us to meet and puzzle through some of the challenges we are facing, as well as a celebration of the progress of our journey.  These discussions will begin with content, and then have time for individual questions and coaching.

You have two options to choose from...

Option Two:
Centered Parenting Ecourse PLUS

Some parents are ready to take their work to the next level and want a more personalized experience with the ecourse. The ecourse PLUS option allows for the participant to enjoy all the materials and support, AND also to set up three half hour consultation calls during the ecourse for some individualized attention and support.

Option One:
Centered Parenting Ecourse Basic

The basic ecourse is full of the good stuff to begin the practice of digging in and shifting the internal experience you are now having around parenting, meditations, booklets and videos.  I am an active contributor to the community Facebook page, and you will be joining others there who have been through the ecourse already.

Sign up NOW!  You WON'T be sorry!!