A Coaching offer for you

Interested in getting in on some discounted coaching while returning to your Centered Parenting Ecourse work???  

$80 for two one on one sessions with me!!!  
This is a screaming deal and I am only offering this to you, the returning Centered Parenting Ecourser!

This one on one offer is a powerful way for you to dig deeper into your work around parenting, and also a helpful way to stay committed and focused on the class.

You know what this takes, you know what this work is all about.  You've played with the tools and seen results…  And you are back for more!

This is such a huge compliment!

Thank you for trusting me and supporting me and this powerful way of being in relationship with our kids...

I've been thinking of you….  I've been thinking of you, and about what would help you consider this offer.  Then, I pulled these three cards.  In my mind, I held these questions:

- Where have they been?
- Where are they now?
- Where are they headed?

Now, my friends, how about you sit with these cards and notice what comes up as you ponder this opportunity...


If you aren't interested, no worries!  

If you are interested, click on the button below and get excited to dig in with me!

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The way it will work is, after you sign up, I will send you a link for scheduling a time during the third and fifth week of the ecourse to talk one on one with me about wherever you are feeling stuck.  Could be a conversation around parenting and your kids, other relationships, self care….  You guide the conversation, and I hold space for you to broaden your perspective, working with the body, emotion and story, to help you recognize possibilities for action that you weren't previously aware of.

What do you think?

If you have questions or need more information, you know how to get in touch…