Family Meeting Ecourse

Family Meetings are the heart of the Positive Discipline home. 
They lay the foundation for relationship and contribution.
For real, you want to be doing Family Meetings.

Are you ready to take your family to a whole new level?

Are you ready for your children to solve problems
while also practicing the social and emotional skills they will need
to be cooperative, contributing members of society??


The Family Meeting Ecourse is a six week program that will guide you in the process of creating space and excitement for Family Meetings.  This is a routine that will be an anchor for connection and problem solving for your family.

This is an on demand program that is ready when you are. Weekly emails with action steps, prompts and PDFs for conversation and reflection will show up every week, for six weeks, to guide you in the process of setting up this routine with your family.

This will transform the climate of your home.

Each week will highlight how to be proactive as you plan for your Family Meetings, exactly what you should be doing during each family meeting, AND special considerations depending on the ages of your kids.

Seriously, this is a game changer.

You might be thinking, why do I need someone to tell me how to do Family Meetings?

Good question.

The key to Family Meetings is the buy in.  This is really a family routine that needs to be rolled out in a way that allows for all the members of the family to feel as though they have a voice.  

Family meetings should be helpful, not hurtful.  Engagement increases when kids (and spouses) truly believe that this is a safe place for sharing and solving problems.  The space develops over time.  This is why the ecourse exists.  To help guide you in creating this space with your family.

We are human.  This is a good thing, it can also get in the way.  We have triggers, we have expectations, we have high hopes for how things will turn out and then, can get pretty worked up when things go south.

THIS is another reason why this ecourse exists.

It's about the Family Meetings, AND it is also about navigating our stuff while creating a home environment that is connected and loving.

Radical, right?

Who doesn't want step-by-step guidance for developing a Family Meeting routine that will stick and transform the way your family works together??


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