Joyful Courage Academy: Parenting Teens 


The Joyful Courage Academy for Parents of Teens is a space for us to grow and fine tune our anchor together, so that when the shit gets real, we have a place to come home to, to reset and reconnect. At the end of the program, you will feel a renewed confidence in yourself as the perfect parent for your teen.

The Next Session Runs Oct 7th - Nov 1st

Get really clear about what you want most, and where the gaps are in your relationships with your kids.

We are busy people, and the teen years throw us some crazy curve balls. It can feel isolating and really scary, and a lot of the time we just don’t know WHAT to do.

I am in it with you.

When I think about what I need to be the best parent I can be for my teenagers, a few things come to mind; the first thing is a quality, like-minded community of parents where I feel safe to be myself, share my fears, and talk with about the challenges that I am facing with my kids.

My commitment is to Positive Discipline, and sometimes I feel wobbly about how that LOOKS when confronted by risky behavior, high intensity emotions, and the pulling away I experience with my kids.

So really, the Joyful Courage Academy for Parents of Teens is a space for us to learn and grow together. It is learning and strengthening what we know about PD, while applying the tools to what is currently in front of us. It is growing and fine tuning our anchor, so that when the shit gets real, we have a place to come home to, to reset and reconnect.

At the end of the program, you will feel a renewed confidence in yourself as the perfect parent for your teen.

Here’s what the program includes:

  • 24/7 access to a small private parenting community via Voxer (a texting and voice messaging app) for 4 weeks

  • Weekly audio content from me, covering topics that relate to you and your teens

  • One 60 min. 1:1 Coaching call with me, focused on your family and priorities

  • Ongoing conversation through each week, where you can ask for help and give support to others in real time

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are CURRENTLY a parent or caregiver of at least one teenager

  • You are ready to actively transform your relationship with your teen (with happiness and an open mind!) and invest the money and energy that it will take to get you there

  • You value community and are willing and able to ask for help & give support to others

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not currently the parent or caregiver of a teenager

  • You don’t feel ready emotionally/time-wise/etc. to dive deep with a focus of improving your relationship with your teen

  • You are not willing to download Voxer (or do not have a phone/device compatible with the app)

  • You don’t have the bandwidth or willingness to contribute to the community

Program Schedule

Much of program is run via Voxer (it’s free) — Voxer is a texting app that also works as a voice messaging app. You will need to download the app to your phone to participate in the program. It’s not hard, promise!

On Mondays, you will receive an email with a link to our community webpage. This is where I deliver content, and I will prompt you into action steps and reflection for the week. Consider this our virtual classroom where I will also share handouts and relevant articles, podcasts and resources.

There is a community group chat on Voxer where you will get to process and reflect with the other participants, share where you are making sense of & using the content, and express if there are things getting in your way. I am an active participant in the community.

The really cool thing about this is: Voxer allows you to check in when you can, how you can, and it isn’t restricted to time/location. I will share parameters for how to use it, but other than that it is really free to use how you wish.

This is a deep dive into community and learning.

I promise you, the learning will be RICH, and the community will be supportive.

Participants will also be invited to fill out a form documenting where they are struggling the most, and sent a link to sign up for a ONE HOUR one-on-one coaching call with me. This hour is ALL YOURS. We can talk about the content, or your particular struggle; it is really up to you and your family’s needs.

Also, every participant of the JCA Parenting Teens Program will be gifted the ENTIRE Parenting Teens With Positive Discipline Audio Summit!!

Week 1: Foundation & Vision

What is Positive Discipline?

How does it look during the teen years?

What is my style and why does it matter?

What is it that I want most?

Week 2: Taking Stock

Seeing out of our teen’s lens

Acknowledging fantasy vs reality

Getting clear on our fears

Owning what we have brought to the space

Repairing/rebuilding relationship

Strengthening communication

Week 3: Creating an Anchor

What do I value?

What does my teen value?

Where am I making assumptions?

Where do we need structure?

How can we shift to encouraging contribution and collaboration?

How can I take care of myself?

Week 4: Sustainability

Being reflective

Asking for help

Trusting our teens

Letting go

Maintaining relationship

Being transparent

Personal Practices

COST: $259

Frequently Asked Questions

“I don’t have a teenager yet, but am looking to learn more to be prepared, is this a program for me?”

The program is designed for parents who are IN IT with their teenagers. The content is shared with the assumption that participants will be able to apply the tools and strategies right away. The teen years are hard, and it matters to parents of teens to be in community with other parents who understand, through experience, what they are going through. So no, if you do not yet have a teen, this isn’t the program for you.

“What technology do I need to participate in this program?”

Content is housed on my website, and community conversation happens on Voxer. Both can be accessed through a computer or a phone. You will need to download the Voxer app, either on your phone or your computer, or both.

“Does it matter what time zone I am in?”

No! That is the beauty of this program. You will experience it as  a “live” program, each week you will get an email prompting you to the new content, and the community on Voxer is very real time. The content is pre-recorded audio so you can access it when it works for you.

“Why do you use Voxer instead of Facebook groups?”

I have and do run Facebook groups. I am finding more and more that parents don’t want to come into Facebook to connect with the community. Voxer doesn’t have the same kind of “bottomless pit” feeling that Facebook does. While there is a slight learning curve, Voxer allows us to communicate using voice messages, which allows us to bring more expression and processing to our sharing. Also, because it is audio, you can listen to the conversation while being on the go or doing other things. Voxer also allows for text messaging, for participants that feel more comfortable with that.

“Why do you use audio instead of doing a webinar or video?”

I want to reduce barriers to accessing the content and community. Audio allows us to take the learning and conversation out into the world and weave it into our lives. I do provide a useful handout that goes along with the content audio that allows you to see the outline of what is being shared as well as space to take notes/journal/reflect.

“How much time should I expect to spend on this program?”

You will receive about an hour of content each week, along with the PDF handout. I also provide materials that are in alignment with the content - this is for you to dig deeper and not required. Depending on how involved you want to be in the community, you may spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes/day in Voxer, although some people jump in every few days or once/week and spend a bit more time. This program meets you where you are at and you will be supported in making the most of it.

“What can I expect from the one-on-one call?”

The one-on-one call is a time for you and I to be focused specifically on what YOU are dealing with in your family, with your teenager. It is a powerful hour of connection and listening. I begin the hour with a grounding exercise and then up it up to the participant to share and ask questions. You will have my undivided attention.