The Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast

Welcome friend!! I am so happy you have found your way to my little part of the internet.  

My name is Casey O'Roarty, I am the hostess of the Joyful Courage Podcast. I encourage you to poke around and get familiar with all I have to offer!

What the heck is a podcast???

I am so glad you asked!!  A podcast is like an on-demand radio show that you can subscribe to and listen whenever you want. You control when, where and how you take it in.  Some people listen right here, through the website. Other people subscribe to the show through iTunes or GooglePlay.

Podcasts are so great, especially for parents, because they allow you to consume the content while also doing other things (read: dishes, laundry, commuting, exercising). You have the freedom of taking it in and continuing to engage in the other activities of your day!

The Joyful Courage Podcast is especially amazing because I hand pick my guests to give you a high value conversation to listen in on. You will pick up on themes such as the power of relationship, the personal development of parenting, and of course, lots about Positive Discipline. Beginning the Summer of 2017 I will start to alternate solo shows in with the interview, so that I can speak directly to you, the listener, and offer support around challenges I am seeing coming up in our community.

Find out more about why I decided to launch my podcast back in the spring of 2015 on my about page.


Here are some of the shows you may have missed:

Like I mentioned above, you can listen right here from the website.  Other parents have found it easy to subscribe and listen through their tablets and phones as well.  Do what works for you!

Here is a low budget video showing you how to subscribe using your iphone:



So? What are you waiting for??  

With close to 100 episodes, you are sure to find something that you love (and then you will be so excited to know how much more there is to listen in on!!).

Here's what others are saying about the show:

"I LOVE this podcast! Casey is warm, funny, and vulnerable. She is not afraid to talk about how messy and scary parenting can be, which is so powerful to hear as a parent in a culture that says we should all be doing it "perfectly". Through her engaging interviews she equips us with tools we can use right away to grow our relationship with our children and promote long-term characteristics such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for self and others. I definitely recommend this podcast to parents at any stage who need inspiration, guidance, or to just feel like you aren't alone in your parenting challenges. Thanks Casey!!!"

"Such great information and skills you are providing. Thank you for saying what I think but don't know how to put into action!"

"Casey is engaging, fun and inspiring. The topics are current and helpful. I love to listening to this podcast during my commute. It reminds me I am not alone, parenting can be sticky and I have support and company while I navigate my imperfect life."

"Casey is warm and relatable. She utilizes both her training in Positive Discipline and her experience as a mother to explain ways to approach parenting (and all relationships) in a kind and firm way. She fills her podcasts with useful tools to be a more mindful parent, lots of encouragement, and the opportunity to learn from both her and a wide variety of interesting guests. This podcast is a gem!"

"Love, love, love Casey! She is so fresh, fun, and real. Always practical strategies to come away with from every episode. And she lands some pretty amazing guests!!!"

"Don't have time to read books and blogs on this stuff -- love the podcast format, great guests, and tools I can apply right away!"

"I discovered your podcast a month ago and I have listened to all of your shows now. I love your podcast. You give great information and advice!"

Check. It. Out.

And be sure to let me know what you think!!