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Membership what you get


Membership what you get

* Registration will open March 25th - April 1st*

IF you are interested in staying in the loop for the next registration period, click here

All is Possible

"Thank you for today's email, and everything else, Casey! Today I needed to hear that a "reset" is normal. This week has felt like one step forward, one step backward. But I recognize what my role in each situation was, and how my behavior and actions made things better, or worse. Because of this project, and the support of this tribe (knowing that you are not alone is so helpful), I am definitely more AWARE. And, I'm feeling less like by kids lives are on fast forward in front of me... and more like we are in it together, with all of our imperfections and frustrations and laughter and challenges and shared moments: this is our life."

- Lorraine, a Joyful Courage mama

What you get with your membership:


As part of your membership, group discussions will be available for you to join in on based on whatever needs there are that show up in the group. Topics will include ages and developmental stages, as well as areas of interest, such as screen time, navigating sibling relationships and handling challenges with extended family.


Each week you will receive a Living Joyful Courage email delivered to your inbox. These emails will contain content related to the theme of the month, journal prompts and tools to be playing with.


Every month we will deep dive together into content through live webinars (that will also be recorded and made available to the group).  Webinars will be designed to broaden perspective and gain understanding of the concepts presented each month.


All parents engaged in Living Joyful Courage will have the opportunity to participate in group coaching calls each month.  The calls will be focused on what the presented tools and concepts look like within specific age groups.

And more!

As an engaged leader, I will also be reading the needs of the community, and putting together offers and opportunities that fit with what I see showing up.  I am so excited to tailor this experience to what is helpful to the families that show up!!

VIP Option

Members also have the option to take the work next level by adding two 45 minute coach calls each month.

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membership timeline

membership timeline

Membership Timeline

Our children are our teachers, they show us the areas we can nurture and grow, and they invite us to recognize our beliefs that no longer serve us. The parenting path is one of opportunity - what will you make of it?

Where the Journey Will Take You:

Each month we will deep dive into a new concept to support both our understanding Intentional Parenting as well as our embodiment of this parenting style. We will take time to see through the lens of each theme weaving it in with discussions, webinars and group coaching..

APRIL - development

Think of it as taking what you KNOW and making it what you DO.

This takes time, practice and SUPPORT.

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membership why

membership why

Let me be your guide

If you are familiar with Joyful Courage, then you know me.  I'm Casey, I am your guide on this Living Joyful Courage journey. Membership in the program grants you access to me - I am an active participant.

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Living Joyful Courage was born in the fall of 2016 when an amazing group of parents said yes to a 10 week parenting course called the Intentional Parenting Project. I was so inspired by what came alive, so honored to get an intimate look into their journey through their daily shares and emails, that I became curious about how to take the work further.

Transformation through parenting is powerful work. 

Living Joyful Courage is a opportunity to transform. It is a commitment to the long term. Space and time to really see your desired way of being come to be. I will be with you every step of the way - connecting weekly via email, daily in the discussion forum, and monthly through webinars and group coaching calls. VIP participants also have two 45 minute calls/month with me.

This is my passion, friend, and I pour myself into it. My intention is to support you in living the life you want to live, to be the parent you want to be, to hold space for you to be your best self.

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You're into it????  YES!

I have spent the last 5+ years pouring my heart and soul into this work and my growing community of parents.  If you have been with me from the beginning, you remember my first blog post, my first podcast, when I opened the doors to the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Facebook group (and all the other groups I have held space in along the way). We have grown together. I am honored to continue to provide a valuable place for community and education, in a way that is sustainable for me and my work.

Okay, here is the deal:

opens again March 25, 2017.

And pssst, there are a few bonuses for everyone on the list between now and registration time!!

Yes to membership!

I really want this membership program to fit your family AND your budget.  I have  three payment options to choose from to get you all the goods for the rest of 2017.

Membership - When you sign up for  membership, you will have access to the discussion forum page, monthly webinars, weekly emails, and group coaching calls.  As a member, you can always level up and get heavily discounted individual coaching.



Here are your options:


* Discussion Forum
* Weekly Emails
* Monthly Webinars
* Group Coaching

The membership if for the whole year,
you have choice in payment options:

- Monthly $39 

- 3 Months $105
(10% discount) 

- Rest of the Year (9 months) $280
(25% discount)


Email Casey at casey@joyfulcourage.com for more information.


Isn't this sooooo exciting? Choice is such a beautiful thing! I am in service to you, friend.
You know me, you know I deliver.

Sign up NOW and you will be in the know on EXACTLY when you can register to make 2017 the most TRANSFORMATIONAL year yet!
(while continuing to grow into the parent you want to be)

PLUS - some freebies will be showing up in your inbox between now and registration!


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