Thank you!

I am so excited to be on this journey with you!  Your YES to dig deep and explore possibilities in parenting is so inspirational to me.  Feel GOOD about this - it is self care on FIYA!

Your first email should be already waiting for you in your inbox - please go an check that it is.  If you DON'T see an email from me, please be sure to check all of your folders.  Please put Joyful Courage in your contact list so that you don't have to search around for your weekly emails from me.

For any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to me at Please please please let me know when things aren't working as they should, because sometimes I am just unaware that technology has gone sideways :)

Registration for the program will run the entire last week of June, ending at midnight, July 1st.

The program will formally begin July 3rd - you will receive your first weekly email from me then, and we will engage with each other on the July Webinar (Wednesday, July 5th, 9:30am PST)

Begin to explore all there is NOW by checking out the webinars below.  The membership started in January, and I am committed to make where we have been available to everyone who joins us along the way.  And please introduce yourself and share your story over in the forum.  We are also on VOXER - a voice message app that allows us to stay connected throughout the day.  Neither of these offers are required, instead, just invitations for you to be ever more connected to the community.

Yay for us - so glad you have joined!!

Big love - Casey


January Webinar: Perspective Passcode: LJCJAN
February Webinar: Belonging Passcode: LJCFEB
March Webinar: Influence Passcode: LJCMARCH
April Webinar - Development Passcode: LJCAPRIL
May Webinar - Intention Passcode: LJCMAY
June Webinar - Encouragement Passcode: LJCJUNE