This month we are coming back to the basics – this month is about intention.

I love to think about intention as our practice when we are in tension.

We have all declared the ways of being, the qualities that we could bring more of to our relationships with our children.  We focus each month on taking care of ourselves and the practice of dropping into who we want to be for our children.

And now we are in month five and it turns out, this is some deep work!

And it is bigger than our kids, it is bigger than our parenting, it is really taking a good look at the operating system that we use to intersect with the world. And getting honest about how well it is currently serving us.

Being in-ten-tion-al is the commitment, the declaration, and the willingness to do some exploring about how WE show up in the dynamics of our relationships.  It is about learning what our automatic pilot/reactionary self looks like, and considering the experiences that have brought us to that place.  It is about challenging the beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world that are keeping us stuck.

Being intentional is about having a vision for what you want for your family, what you want for the relationships in your life, and being willing to stand for that vision, even when it is uncomfortable.

Discomfort is our friend, not knowing what to do is a summons to surrender.

What becomes available when you have permission to NOT have all the answers?

April webinar will happen on
Wednesday, May 3rd
@ 9:30 - 11:00am PST

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Group coaching in May:

Weds May 10th 5:30 – 7pm PST
Weds May 17th9:30 – 11am PST
Weds May 24th  8:30 – 10pm PST
Week of May 29th NO CALL

All are welcome to come to as many group coaching sessions as you can make work.  Time is limited, and while I try to make sure everyone has a chance to speak, responsibility is up to the participant to speak up early to request coaching.

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