Eps 53: Rebecca Michi Breaks Down Sleep

My guest today is Rebecca Michi, a children’s sleep consultant and mother of two daughters. In her work with families over the years, Rebecca found that sleep issues were a common problem. This realization led her to specialize on the subject and offer coaching help to many parents. I’m thrilled to get her insights into this issue—and( let’s be truthful), haven’t we all had some pull-our-hair-out moments? Whether you’re a brand new parent or the parent of teens, Rebecca has great tips to share. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Temperaments and sleep patterns are unique to each person.

  • Rebecca’s average client is 8 months old!

  • Most children need help falling asleep and STAYING asleep.

  • Her philosophy? Support parents in their parenting style

  • Unique family dynamics

  • Sleep: Why it’s a very basic need

  • Sleeping “through the night” is usually defined as 5 consecutive hours AFTER midnight.

  • “Good sleeper” or “bad sleeper”

  • At bedtime, focus on relaxation and physically slowing down.

  • Other bedtime routines can be singing songs, reading books, and quiet play.

  • Negotiables and non-negotiables about bedtime

  • Giving children SOME choices gives them healthy empowerment.

  • Teens’ sleep patterns change (but they STILL need 8-9 hours!)

  • Limit evening electronics and bright lights (use incandescent bulbs)

  • Rebecca shares the guidelines for number of sleep hours needed, from ages 0-3 months to 13 years.

  • It’s normal to wake 2-6 times each night.

  • The goal for your child? The ability to get themselves back to sleep when waking

  • Don’t make sleep or the bedroom a means of punishment!

  • What does Joyful Courage mean to you? “It means going forward on your parenting journey, even when it’s unknown, and trying to enjoy it! Look at it in a positive way.”



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The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley


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