Eps 61: Amy McCready Helps us Teach our Kids Money Sense

Welcome to an amazing show with Amy McCready, back again for another conversation! Amy is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, which provides online training for parents of toddlers to teens. She was with us in Episode 10 when we discussed the Me, Me, Me Epidemic. Amy is the mother of two college-aged kids and is the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time and The Me, Me, Me Epidemic. We’re talking about money, and how to encourage and empower kids in their sense of money. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Most of us don’t have much training in money management!

  • Four systems of money management and the problems with each:

    • Money as needed

    • Money as reward

    • Money as payment

    • No strings attached allowance

  • The benefits to the “no strings attached” allowance

  • Suggestions for allowances and kids’ finances

  • Realistic budgeting for kids’ expenditures

  • Tools to use to get kids to contribute around the house

  • The difference in a chore and a contribution

  • “When-Then” statements

  • Family meetings: brainstorming solutions

  • Loans and credit scores---for kids!



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If I Have to Tell You One More Time by Amy McCready

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic by Amy McCready


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