Eps 79: Mary Jo Lorei Helps us Bring Back the Romance

Today’s guest is Mary Jo Lorei, a coach who focuses on relationships and connections. We are discussing love, romance and intimacy after becoming parents. Join us!

“It’s less about the action you take. We look for the action. There’s so many different actions you can take, it doesn’t really matter. The experience is about the connection to your heart. It’s about being connected to what really matters. The actions won’t sustain you or your relationship. Listen to your heart and let that inspire you.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:


•    Finding time for intimacy
•    The importance of intimacy – finding your why
•    Intimacy as parenting: part of role modeling healthy relationships
•    Creating an invitation to intimacy: first steps
•    Masculine and feminine energy – what’s the difference and why they are both in all of us
•    Balancing energy to promote your child’s autonomy
•    Vulnerability, touch and exploring connection
•    Vulnerability as strength
•    Relationships take two people, but relating takes one.
•    Putting up a screen to filter inputs vs putting up a shield
•    Distinguishing sex and intimacy – moving beyond euphemism
•    Connecting to “adjust the volume” vs “turning from off to on” – making smooth transitions to intimacy through ongoing mindfulness and connection
•    Reminding our partner and ourselves of what we appreciate about each other
•    Resolving disconnection through self-celebration and self-care
•    How to be curious about identifying and problem solving barriers to intimacy
•    Engaging universal parenting skills that we practice with our kids
•    The power of “I’ve Missed You” and remembering the intention
•    Improving the likelihood of successful connection through celebration and reverence vs. complaint
•    Letting go of expectations to leave space for what comes naturally     

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

The fun in being courageous is getting on that super big rollercoaster. It’s not just about death defying acts of meeting demons. It’s really fun to be courageous because it brings amazing results. Connecting those two words is so important because it takes courage to be joyful and how amazing is courage when it has joy in it. It means to be inspired.

Where to find MaryJo:

Boldly embody life



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