Eps 155: SOLO SHOW! Casey is on Deep Diving into Intuition

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SOLO SHOW – woohoo

Let’s talk about intuition today…. Well, I am going to J

·      Connecting dots with Eps 154 Dan Siegel interview


·      The ability to sift through the experience you’re having and everything that is calling inside of you – and create space to show up as our best selves

·      We all have an inner knowing, inner voice – where we can tap into deep wisdom

·      Making sense of our spiritual experience

·      Finding intuition while navigating my parenting

·      How conditioning supports/gets in the way

·      How do we tease apart intuition from fear/conditioning/doubt

·      “What if the first hit is true?”

·      “What if our stories and experiences are offered to us to develop our intuition?”

·      Growing our “hub of awareness” requires practice


·      Becoming an outside observer takes practice

·      We move towards what is familiar

·      Sacred Contracts Caroline Myss

·      Trust

·      What happens when we choose in to the practice of developing space for our intuition?


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Eps 116: Mindful Mamas, Shannon and Ashley are on Talking About the Power of Community

My guests today are Shannon Kinney-Duh, creator of A Free Spirit Life, and Ashley Walburn, owner of Home Holistic, and the founders of The Mindful Mama Movement – a podcast, community that empowers mamas, encourages authentic living and celebrates what it means to live an inspired life. 

Shannon and Ashley bring women from around the world, in all stages of motherhood, on a journey of learning how to trust ourselves, how to listen to their intuition, how to let go and forgive, and how to embrace imperfection in the mess of life. They inspire others to practice mothering from a place of presence, creativity, humor and wisdom.



116 headshot.png
  • How Ashley and Shannon met

  • The birth of the Mindful Mama Movement Podcast

  • The power of trusting our gut is the work of parenting

  • Popular opinion vs turning inward towards our intuition

  • Inspiring women to trust themselves and reconnect to their own intuition

  • Moving from survival to space in our life to enjoy it

  • We are good at the head stuff by dropping into our heart is a powerful way to shift into being with our family

  • HAHA!! Interrupted by the birth of a baby J ((real life people))

  • Woohooo – Ashley shares the birth story that interrupted our show

  • Creating communities for mamas

  • Going to yoga class and staying for connection with other mamas

  • Who are you? How are you? Inviting community to be together and real

  • Being part of community allows us to discover our own value and wisdom

  • Online communities can be places of powerful discovery, allowing for thought time and the possibility of going deeper

  • Themes that show up in groups – “Am I doing it right?” “Am I okay?” “Is this normal?” “What am I outside of mom?” “How do I find balance and flow while being a good mom?”

  • Exploring our roles

  • People are seeking to be real

  • We are better mamas when we nurture all parts of us

  • Theme that shows up with mamas is desire for simplicity – declutter, let go, surrender

  • Jaws theme music is not helpful!!


What does Joyful Courage mean to you:

Ashley: Joyful courage, I think for me… The biggest part of what I do, whether it is at  a birth or meeting one on one with mothers, is really just finding your power and stepping into your own strength, not giving a shit, anything, a thought about what anyone else thinks – what do I really want? What does my baby really want? And go from my soul… I know this is right, and when I feel grounded and feel like myself, then I make decisions that are mine.  When I feel like myself, then I feel braver to do everything. And it gives my kids permission to do the same.

Shannon: Ditto that, and adding having a playful, just making sure we are really following our heart, our instinct, and looking at taking risks with a sense of adventure – that is how I see my daily life – look at this without the jaws music, stay curios, stay playful and light -  not always that way - we are so dang serious about this parenting stuff! I just want to look at taking risks and being brave with a sense of adventure, that’s joyful courage.


Where to find Ashley and Shannon:

Mindful Mama Movement podcast

FB Page l FB Group l IG


Home Holistic l FB Page


A Free Spirit Life



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Eps 47: Dr. Honoring our Inner Voice with Kris Prochaska

Welcome! My guest today is Kris Prochaska, a former therapist who uses her intuition, diagnostic skills, and ability to read people’s energy. Her desire is to coach women in how to embody sacred leadership at home and at work to listen and live according to their inner voice. Kris was a 2015 TEDxBend speaker and is the author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice and Prosper. She is a busy mom to Anja, 7, and Eli, 11, and is happily married to—and still in love with—her hubby, Mike.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Kris began her career journey as a therapist, but tired of focusing on what’s “wrong.” She wanted to discover what’s “right”!

  • Kris approaches her coaching sessions under the premise that the client really does know best.

  • Kris discusses her TED talk experience and the responses she received to her topic: Why don’t we see our kids as equals?

  • Kris shares the irony in her TED talk in that she was not in alignment with her natural energy and truth.

  • The goal in parenting is NOT to control our kids, but to teach them to use their tools to become their very best.

  • Our kids are equally deserving of dignity and respect, but that doesn’t mean there are no limits or boundaries.

  • The parenting attitude should be, “What’s in the highest and best good for our family in the long term?”

  • We should listen to the voice of our kids and let them be a part of decision-making.

  • We’re afraid if we teach them to listen to themselves that they will run rampant.

  • The “little voices,”—do YOU hear them? They seek to make you look good, stay safe, and fit in-- -no matter what.

  • How do you tell the difference between your “little voices” and your intuition?

  • The “little voices” will make you feel small, constricted, and pressured.

  • Your true inner voice is expansive, calm, and peaceful.

  • Your energy shift can affect those around you.

What does Joyful Courage mean to you? “When we have the courage to step into that inner voice place and what we know, it takes courage to do that over and over again. The returns are infinite. That’s the blessing we give to the world.”



Find her on Facebook and Instagram: MessyMysticMama.


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