Eps 87: Lisa Fuller is on Supporting us With Shame Resilience

Today’s guest is Lisa Fuller.  Lisa Fuller, M.S.W., Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, has been working with parents since 2005 to help them find joy and moment of peace even in the midst of chaos. Lisa’s a compassionate listener whose committed to empowering parents through Positive Discipline’s common sense principles. Having three children ages 21, 17 and 10, Lisa’s steeped in the challenges and joys of parenting. Lisa also offers one on one coaching for parenting and life! She believes the world is a better place when we—adults and children—strive to treat each other with respect and love.

Today we are talking about developing shame resilience.

“Shame is something that we all have. It’s universal. Every human being experiences shame – those who don’t usually have some significant problems. It’s not a bad thing. That’s one good thing about shame – it means you are a caring human being.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What is shame and why should we talk about it?

  • How positive discipline relates to shame

  • Shame and guilt – what’s the difference? How do they connect to humiliation and embarrassment?

  • The physical sensations of shame

  • The individual personal nature of shame

  • Practicing critical awareness – how to reality check the messages that are driving your shame

  • The value of having someone to talk through shame with

  • What makes a good person to talk shame with

  • How to encourage shame resilience in children

  • Reducing shame by normalizing experiences

  • Creating opportunities for belonging

  • What it means to lead with the message with love

  • How to connect without trying to fix

  • Empathy and shame – how to support when you can’t relate to the experience

  • Cultivating relationships that allow us to speak to our shame

  • How to show up in your relationships that shows you are a safe place to talk shame

  • Doing vs Being – their roles in building shame resilience

  • Personal practices for finding joy within instead of looking to our children to complete us

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Taking risks with heart. The courage is taking the risks and moving ahead and doing it but doing it with your full being. The last couple years I’ve had some very significant deaths in my life and I think in so many ways it’s been a gift – it does highlight joy, the simple joy of being alive and how I’m able to be more grateful that I have this gift of life which isn’t going to last forever. Losing people who are close to us that’s the upside is that we go “Wow, this is temporary, this life, it really is.” I think when we get caught in the swirl of parenting we can ‘beam in’ – these other, bigger issues help us beam out. Joy helps with shame and getting perspective.


The Daring Way

Daring Greatly

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Eps 35: Jen O'Ryan and How to Support LGBTQ Youth

So excited to share today's show with you!

Dr. Jen O’Ryan provides guidance for parents to help them navigate their child’s coming out process, as well as questions about sexuality and gender. She completed her doctorate in Human Behavior with a focus on environmental factors during childhood and adolescence for sexual minorities.

Dr. Jen also works closely with other caring adults on developing more inclusive, safe spaces for LGBTQ individuals in the workplace and community. Through years of research and advocacy, Jen brings an extensive background on factors contributing to healthy development during childhood and adolescence for LGBTQ youth.

Jen and I talk about the experience kids are having as they come to understand gender and sexual orientation.  We discuss the biggest challenges for the kids and their parents, and how we can all be a part in supporting all kids, in celebration of differences, being advocates and allies - and tips for raising kids to feel the same...

Resources mentioned:

Jen's website My Kid Came Out
Jen's local workshop So your kids came out, now what?  
     - listeners will get $5 off with promo code "joyful"
Recent posts on sexuality and supporting LGBTQ youth
PFLAG - Parents, Families and Allies of LGBTQ

Where to find Jen:

Her website - www.mykidcameout.com
Twitter - @pagingdrjen
Facebook - Paging Dr. Jen


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Eps 28: Bonus Parenting in the Digital Age Telesummit

Oh friends - this is a good one!!

My new friend (and someone we should ALL have on speed dial), Susan Stiffelman is on the show today talking about the Parenting in the Digital Age Telesummit.  

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY for all of us to learn from some of the most AMAZING speakers and thinkers of our time.

Click on the image to claim your spot!

Click on the image to claim your spot!

  • Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Whole Brain Child and creator of Brain in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Byron Katie, developer of The Work

  • Rachel Macy Stafford, author and blogger behind the Hands Free Revolution (she has been on the show and is super fabulous)

  • Glennon Doyle Melton. author and founder of online community Momastery

  • Roasalind Weisman, author of Queen Bees and Wanna Bees and amazing human

And there are MOREand they are ALL amazing humans - and ALL amazing humans with SO MUCH WISDOM TO SHARE!!!

Listen in to the episode and when you are ready to sign up for the telesummit, just click this link ----> http://bit.ly/1nYBPCF

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Eps 13: Katie Hurley on Parenting to Your Child's Temperament

It was such a pleasure to have Katie Hurley on the show!  I have been sharing her work on the Joyful Courage Facebook page for a long time and speaking to her about her new book confirmed what I had come to believe as a reader of her writing; she is a thoughtful, brilliant voice in the parent education community.

Katie's new book, The Happy Kid Handbook is an amazing tool for parents to learn how to meet their kids where they are at, temperamentally.  Her work reminds us that the need to get to know our kids is vital in creating an environment where they can excel, both socially and emotionally.

Being an extrovert raising kids that fall across the extrovert/introvert spectrum, I was excited to dig into this with Katie. I know that you are going to love listening in to the conversation too!!

Visit her website: www.practicalkatie.com

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Instagram: @katiefhurley
Facebook: Practical Parenting by Katie
Twitter: @katiefhurley

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Episode Five: Talking about tweens with Shannon Younger from Tween US

Show Notes:

It was my great pleasure to interview Shannon Younger from Tween US.  You can find her blog on the Chicago Now website.

Click here to join her Facebook community

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Shannon lives with her 12 year old in the suburbs of Chicago and has been blogging on Tween US for the past 3 years...

"When we are feeling pain in our own parenting practices, chances are, other parents are feeling the same way..."  - Casey

Tina Bryson Payne and Dan Siegel - brain development in teens

"Doesn't have to be us vs. them."  - Shannon

"Stand in your firmness within the context of being in relationship with your child."  - Casey

Tweens and Social Media

*  Take the out!  Kids must be 13 to participate

*  So much goes on that parents are unaware of.  Check out your child's friends pages....

*  Remember that internet isn't all bad - it can be a helpful/fun tool

    - Bethany Mota  You Tube Channel

*  Take time to train and develop skills

Smart Phones

*  Communications skills

*  Making agreements/setting boundaries together

*  Central "charging station" at night (Shannon's is in her bedroom)

Lauren Steinberg -  Author of The 10 Basic Principles of Goof Parenting

"My 12 was not the same as your 12, but my 12 was painful too." - Shannon

Stay connected by having fun, sharing laughs and reminding them they are a part of a family.

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