Welcome to Day 1!

Today is all about building some foundation and a better understanding of our teen’s experience. Aisha and I get into Adlerian Theory. This is a powerful conversation, because like the talks with Marcilie and Kelly yesterday, it is so USEFUL to have a better understanding of where the behavior our teens are exhibiting is coming from. Adlerian Theory is the foundation of Positive Discipline, and I so appreciated this candid conversation about what it all means. Adler was a strong proponent of social interest - in taking an interested in the well being of others - and it turns out that it leads to more cooperation and contribution in the home and community - yay!

The second interview with Marcilie gets into what is going on with our teen’s BRAIN during the adolescent years. I know - we answer the question, “what ARE they thinking?” to some degree. I know how much easier it is for me to STOP TAKING THINGS PERSoNALLY when I understand better what is happening for my child (spoiler: turns out their behavior is not all about me, AND my response matters).

And finally, the third interview with Kelly continues on the developmental vein as we look specifically at our teens EMOTIONAL experience. So much of what human deal with on the emotional plane is HEIGHTENED during the teens years - Kelly really helps to break that down in a way that will allow listeners to stay connected with their child, instead of hooked by their emotional fall apart.

If you are interested in further discussion about what you are hearing, join us in the Joyful Courage Parenting Teens FB group.