Welcome to Day 2!

We are going to continue to explore principles of Positive Discipline and how the look during the teen years, my first interview with Lori is a conversation about how being a kind AND firm parent can begin to feel (or continue if it already is a struggle) to feel wobbly as the perception of “stakes being higher” sets in.

The second conversation I am sharing with you today is with Izumi, and it is about something that many of us, as our teens get older, will be invited into navigating - curfews. How late is too late? Where should we be rigid? What is too permissive? Well, I think you will hear in this interview - as well as in most of them - that it is really about the relationship you have with your teens, and the life skills you want them to learn to embody… Izumi shares stories straight from her experience.

My third guest has come on with the request to stay anonymous - this doesn’t keep us from getting deeeeeeep into the challenge of raising kids in a world with screens. And would challenge any parent out there who says they simply don’t have problems with their teens and screen use. Part of the invitation is to reframe our thinking, and part of it is to get ever clearer on our values, limits and boundaries.

If you are interested in further discussion about what you are hearing, join us in the Joyful Courage Parenting Teens FB group.

+ Day 1 Summary

What we covered on Day 1:

  • The theory behind Positive Discipline
  • Teen brain development
  • Teen emotional development