Welcome to Day 4!

My first guest today, Cathy Kawakami, knows first hand what it means to keep an open mind about school. She and I talk at length about all the alternatives that exist, AND how to support our teens when the options for something different aren’t available. Grades, homework, educational philosophy - we don’t leave anything out.

My second interview is a discussion about transitions during the teen years. My guest, Hilary and I discuss specifically the challenge of moving with teenagers, but what comes out of the conversation are insights that support us supporting our teens no matter WHAT the transition is that they are going through.

And finally, I loved talking with Nadine about individuation in my third interview of the day, and how it is EVERY teens wiring for them to go through some version of this. You hear me talk about individuation in other interviews, but this interview is focused specifically on this special part of the teen years. Nadine shares her own personal stories and really brings this concept to life.

If you are interested in further discussion about what you are hearing, join us in the Joyful Courage Parenting Teens FB group.

+ Day 1 Summary

What we covered on Day 1:

  • The theory behind Positive Discipline
  • Teen brain development
  • Teen emotional development

+ Day 2 Summary

What we covered on Day 2:

  • The work of being kind and firm
  • Navigating curfews
  • Screens and teens

+ Day 3 Summary

What we covered on Day 3:

  • Curiosity and risky taking behavior
  • Teens, sex and relationships
  • Motivating our teens to contribute