Welcome to Day 5!

We are starting the day off today with a really tough topic, and one that is very much alive for our teens - body image and eating disorders. I think you will be able to hear the way my own fears come up as I talk with my friend and colleague, Kristin, about her front row seat to experiencing this with her daughter. This is a powerful and emotional conversation.

During the second interview today, I get deep with Noha about depression and anxiety and how we can get better at avoiding feeding into our teens mental health and well being. Noha and I both share personal stories here, and insights we have gained on our own journeys of supporting our teens.

And finally, I wrap things up with Dodie. This conversation is a final push to help parents to recognize the POWER of our influence lies in the RELATIONSHIP that we nurture with our teens. AND, sometimes what is needed is as simple as accepting them where they are at, and recognizing that they are on their OWN journey.

If you are interested in further discussion about what you are hearing, join us in the Joyful Courage Parenting Teens FB group.

+ Day 1 Summary

What we covered on Day 1:

  • The theory behind Positive Discipline
  • Teen brain development
  • Teen emotional development

+ Day 2 Summary

What we covered on Day 2:

  • The work of being kind and firm
  • Navigating curfews
  • Screens and teens

+ Day 3 Summary

What we covered on Day 3:

  • Curiosity and risky taking behavior
  • Teens, sex and relationships
  • Motivating our teens to contribute

+ Day 4 Summary

What we covered on Day 4:

  • School and schooling challenges
  • Supporting teens through transitions
  • Individuation